Hilema Ear Drops

Hilema is a safe and gentle way to remove earwax from own home. Too much earwax buildup can make ears irritated and can affect even hearing. Excessive earwax buildup is a common thing.

Hilema drops have ingredients that are proven to effectively remove earwax. With Hilema can relieve ears of the build- up earwax, but not only. can get rid of dirt, and other outside factors ( like dust) so can enjoy daily life without muffled hearing.

Hilema benefits

Easy to use

Hilema is really easy to use and can safely remove earwax from the comfort of home. It works through the power of microfoam cleansing action.

Special formula

The cleansing action of Hilema is all about the sustained microfoam. It may make mild bubbling or crackling sounds when inside the ear, which is a sign that it really works.

How it works?

When drops are placed in the ear, oxygen is released. This allows Hilema to foam on contact and gently soften and loosen earwax.


For best results

Use Hilema twice a day for up to four days. For each use, approximately 5-10 drops should be placed in the affected ear(s).


Don’t forget

Any earwax remaining after Hilema drops may be removed by gently flushing the ear with warm water.

How to use?

1. Place 5-10 drops in each ear.

2. Wait several minutes. can put a cotton ball in ear to keep the drops in place or just keep head tilted to one side.

3. Gently wash the ears after the suggested waiting time.

About our product

Hilema Ear Drops

Easily cleanses ear

Gentle and safe to use daily

Easy-to-apply drops

Easy-to- use ear washer

Price: € 26.99

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